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Whether you're an entrepreneur, professional or in-between jobs, the key to bridging the gap between where you are right now and where you want to be is your ability to:



Everything you influence is connected to sales. Think about it, you may be presenting or selling people in to a product, service or even selling yourself, on a daily basis! So if you're ready for next level growth, enabling a successful career and life, then have a look at our unique in-class or online programs and start your personal development journey.


Sales & Marketing Courses

World-Class Influencer Sales

(14-day challenge)

Learn how to close every sale confidently, create win-win situations,  influence decision, leverage and much more...

Business Success Package

(incl. 2 world-class programs)

All-in-one program that teaches the core essentials in sales & marketing when growing or launching a business..

Sales for Non-Sales People

(14-day challenge)

Learn the basics of selling and step out of your comfort zone with techniques that help you close and build rapport...

Facebook for Business

(5-day challenge)

Learn how to set up and use a Facebook business page to increase your audience and advertise effectively

Networking 101 

(3-day breakthrough)

Learn how to stand out in the crowd and become an influencer to expand your network...

Negotiating 101 

(3-day breakthrough)

Learn how to set objectives and effectively use verbal behaviors to persuade and create win-win solutions...

Personal Development Courses

Goal-setting Program

(14-day challenge)

Learn how to overcome procrastination, get things done and accomplish your goals in a timely manner...

Confidence & Motivation

(incl. personal coach)

Learn how to self-discipline and motivate yourself to confidently go after your goals and get everything you want in life...

Time Management Program

(5-day challenge)

Learn how to manage your time effectively by planning ahead and dividing your day into manageable pieces ...

Coaching Sessions

Start-up Business Coaching

(1-on-1 sessions with an expert)

Work with a business expert to turn your idea into reality or grow your business to the next level...

Personal Development Coaching

(individual sessions)

Helping you overcome personal obstacles and create positive habits that support you along your growth journey...

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